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Artis, Teresa L.

Battle, Mel Ott

Beil, Oteria Battle

Bell, Larry

Best, Henrietta C

Best, Julia D.

Bolar, Mable Hamilton

Coley, Melinda Exum

Coley, Edward "Bill" Lee

Coley, Helen D

Durham, Sheila

Edwards, Bertha Kornegay

Flanagan, Deborah S.

Frazier, David Lee

Green, Lillie

Isaac, Lillian

Isler, Marie

Ives, Mary Best

Johnson, Esther Isler

Kelly, Milas Dorsey

McPhail, Marques Ray

McPhail-Rawls, Amythest Raye

Perry, Shirley Jackson

Phillips, Sarah N. Waters

Price, Deloris S

Rowe, Vernese Hudson

Smith, Clarence

Spruill, Sandra Johnson

Spruill, Tomeeka

Spruill, Tomay

Spruill, Willie J.

Spruill, Christine

Spruill, Zebedee

Uzzell, Melba Smith

Wilkins, Selena Houpe

Williams, Yvonne